Interpolate block

Yet again I need another block, I need a way to interpolate a value
(Interpolate (1) to (3) by (0.5)::operators)
This would report 2

I would do this myself but I am just straight up not mathy enough to figure it out

You could look at the animations library, the animate blocks have interpolation functions inside them.

That’s cool but where?

Id assume that it’s in here somewhere but

I can’t exactly find it if I don’t even know what it looks like

Looking at the interpolation equation I don’t see it really anywhere in here. It’s probably somewhere else

I still can’t find it, @ego-lay_atman-bay where did you find it and how can it be put into its own block?

Actually, this is just function math. First, you need to find the slope between (0,1) and (1,3) (just do 3-1), then do a linear equation, y=mx+b or 2x+1.

And just in case you don't understand any of this, here it is in snap.

Yea I don’t understand it at all, thanks a lot tho for attempting to explain it in a way my brain can understand

Yeah, you'll learn about this in math at some point anyway.

Actually wouldn’t

Be better because it doesn’t use a script variable?

Yeah, I just used the script variable to specify what end - start was.

Makes sense

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