Interesting Phenomena (Line Illusion)

So, I was messing about with using the pen to use brightness to show off the distance to a point, added another sprite, was messing about with that.. then I had the idea to merge the two together, and I found this weird thing.. A line shows up between the sprite and the center, where the two sets are most similar to each other. What do you think?

You can move the sprite by the way, and adjust the resolution, then press space to render. Feel free to remix and see what weird stuff you can do.

I accidentally saved while messing around.. don't mind the third sprite, still interesting though.

EDIT: Removed it, enjoy...

Do you think of
Stage (20)
created with difference of booth distances
Line Illusion script pic

That is what it appears to be, so I guess yeah.
EDIT: It does appear to fade out away from the line's center though.