Interesting article: why AI would need to have a (not invisible nor just virtual) body

Link to the article.

"... AI will have to understand intentions and beliefs and the meaning of what people are saying.

This requires what is known in psychology as a theory of mind – an understanding that the person you are engaged with has a way of thinking, and roughly sees the world in the same way as you do. So when someone talks about their experiences, you can identify and appreciate what they describe and how it relates to yourself, giving meaning to their comments.

We also observe the person’s actions and infer their intentions and preferences from gestures and signals. So when Sally says, “I think that John likes Zoe but thinks that Zoe finds him unsuitable”, we know that Sally has a first-order model of herself (her own thoughts), a second-order model of John’s thoughts, and a third-order model of what John thinks Zoe thinks."

Interesting. He's a Heideggerian, like Terry Winograd after his epiphany.

Yeah, it seems so.