Interactive RGB Sliders

This is a fun project I made after seeing the color sliders in Inkscape. Drag the Red, Green, and Blue sliders around to make new colors. The color range on each slider shows you what color you can make if you drag the slider to that part of its range. If there are any improvements I can make, please tell me. Hope you enjoy!

Oooh, super nice, @legoman3.14!

Very inspiring, I agree.

It makes me think about synthesizing both, on the one hand, the 3D visual representation from my project, and, on the other hand, showing also what the resulting color may be when a particular slider alone is moved to any length from its current position, as you did it in your project.

Ideas, anyone, how can this be done?

I tried to do this by making the stage 500px taller, and moving your project down 250px, but I do not know your code like you do, and so I could not move everything. Do you think you could do that? I can handle adding in my part and synchronizing them.

It works, but clicking on a small slider is difficult. Snap! sliders can be set by clicking on the unselected part of the slider. I have not found a way to do that however.

Sorry for belated reply. I amended the project so now you can move the whole thing by changing the x_origine and y_origine variables...