Instant Bezier curves

Nice, but what's with the jaggies?

Why do you go to the trouble of making the points not draggable and then writing scripts to drag them?

I was kinda hoping that clicking on the stage would add another control point...

I'm assuming it's because the snap sprite dragging adds a shadow under the sprite, and it allows you to drag it out of the stage (which makes it feel like you're picking it up out of the project). Not to mention, it brings the sprite to the front layer. Writing a script to add dragging removes the shadow, and keeps it on the stage.

because of how snap draggable works

idk why the jaggy happens

i can but this was just supposed to be a consept not a project

I accidentally overlapped a dot with another and it's stuck moving in unison.

ik. its not designed to be a project. just an idea

Hmm. I wonder if we should do dragging differently. Does anyone depend on the current behavior? (Probably the part about bringing the sprite to the front...)

I feel like the current behavior can be good in some ways. If you drag a sprite onto the block pallet or the trash can, it deletes the sprite (although I doubt anyone ever uses that, since it's also easy to just right click the sprite, and then select "delete"). Bringing the sprite to the front can be useful if you want to just bring a sprite in front of another sprite without having to go into the sprite, and run a go to [front] layer block. Other than those, I honestly can't see much other reason to keep the current dragging behavior (showing a shadow, especially dragging it outside the stage in presentation mode, editor is fine).

Meh, changing just part of the behavior would be too much trouble. :~)

Especially since it's a very simple script to make.
untitled script pic

And if you want to be able to toggle it, just create a variable, and add a check at the top of the script to see if dragging is enabled.

no in fact the current behavior doesnt update the position till its placed

maybe you make the bring to front part a bool (ex: draggable)

Oh good point. I don't think we'd change that, so never mind.


you can also allow for a dragging variable to prevent it from dragging more then one sprite and you can change the size and brightness effect when hovered over or clicked

dragging script pic

Aw, c'mon, that's not even true. It's false claims like this one that makes me hate these forums, where overly eager but completely made-up statements compensate for lack of even so much of a quick reality test. Of course Snap updates a sprite's x- and y-corrdinates while that sprite is being dragged.