Inspired by Jens' generative model

This project was inspired by a talk given by Jens and Jadga at Robolot 2024. The talk was shared online here Robolot 2024 - #2 by petermathijssen and can be found at I learned from Jens how to create blocks that predict the next word in a sentence, given the three previous words, based on his 4-grams language model.

Inspired by Jens' work on generating text and music, and Jadga's success with doodles, I've been exploring a simpler approach to drawing. Imagine a little turtle that can only turn 90 degrees left or right, and move forward. My goal is to create basic drawings, perhaps reminiscent of Mondrian's style, using just this limited set of instructions. The challenge is to achieve variety with such a small "corpus" (meaning I'm starting with only one example drawing).
Edges: I had to disrupt the model's natural generation process by introducing an external rule that made the turtle bounce back towards the center when it reached the edge of the drawing space.

It generates images forever, so you need to stop it using the stop button.

Click to see some details (about n-gramming model)


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