Inside a skybox

a skybox in snap

wow cool, can we look up and down?

Très beau projet gego: Tu parles français où je me trompe ?


c'est tellement cool et relaxant! :D

c'est exact

Nous devrions faire un regroupement des programmeurs Snap! en français...

gego et funtime_foxy: vous venez d'où ? (moi du Québec!)

Interesting, but I'm sad that it's basically all done in Javascript. You could write all those things in Snap! instead, probably more easily if you used the hyperblock feature to manipulate those rotation matrices.

je suis de france

i can and will rebuild my project with blocks, but not the green stamp block,

Je viens d'Ecosse

now, yes

All your forum posts are in French
too hard to read

I love it! So cool!

I deleted the z axis and all my C blocks for to speed up my project. scripts in C blocks are slowed down, I hope it will be optimized

you can use google translate (or another translation website)