"insert slot" and "delete slot" options could make some blocks cursed

look... i cant find the fitting category. thats why it may not be the correct one

so you know

[scratchblocks] (()+()@delInput@addInput::operators) [/scratchblocks]

right? when there are no slots it should look like sum, but...... we can make like a bugged plus reporter

if you right click on a slot and click "delete a slot" it will become impossible, do it again and it's just even more bugged.

now press the add input button and you should get plusweird. all of that happened because every single block with the option to add or delete more inputs have the "insert slot" and "delete slot" options. it worked on some blocks that has these options (Ex: the times block, every comparing block, and & or blocks)

Note when trying this out

This only occurs on blocks that starts with an "input name"

Is this a bad thing? I've been wanting a way to make a monadic + since this new variadic discipline!

not really, i just find it funny

Isn't that just the identity function?

Personally I feel like this is a bug since this isn't intended, but I would be fine if it doesn't get patched.

untitled script pic (17)


idk why im not using scriptpic

I don't get what this example is supposed to prove. The primitive IS_A_? isn't a hyperblock, not because of syntactic issues, but because putting a list in the first input slot is asking a question about the entire list, not about its items separately:

It's the same reason = isn't a hyperblock.

This is a little silly, but in theory it’s how it should function so I don’t see a problem with it

thats not the block i was using

i was using
untitled script pic (12)

That's not a hyperblock either, for the same reason as =.

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