Insert image

is there a way to make it so you insert an image from your files and play as that costume while playing the game without going in the code?

Drag & Drop buddy ;]

Drag & Drop

Okay here is the clear info;
Drag the photo into the costume tab and drop.

thats not what i mean, i mean the player adds an image like those ai realistic things

so you mean the project while running fetches the image



try the Snap/Pixels block in the library.

Not a picture of their face.


from a URL? from a file?

file most likely

Hmm. So, you need someone to write a JSFunction block that does the same thing as the Import option in the file menu.


A ghostpost. I see these very often. What I probably posted is probably a ghostpost too, lol

I ghostpost to tell people I saw the post or otherwise.
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come on guys, you can just use this file import library made by @pumpkinhead


i dont understand how to use it

here's how, uh, maybe I should just give you a project with instructions on how to use it instead of hijacking this topic. Here's the project with more information about the blocks