insert a word on multiple input

I'm making a block with multiple c-shape block inputs
When user clicks the arrow, I want it to look like this:IMG_7045
Not like this:IMG_7044
So I want to be able to insert an "or" on each line

Currently, it is not possible, but you can submit a feature request.

well, I will move it to feature requests then

Can an XML hacker tell me if there is a way to do that by hacking, or should I just rename the block to "do one of these"

What is it that you want the block to do?

I think it's this:

Not the function of the block, the feature request itself xP

Yes, that's definitely on our list, along with a text at the beginning of a bunch of variadic input slots, like the "with inputs" in RUN and CALL.

The right way to do this isn't to make a special case of title text, but rather to allow variadic input groups, so you could have {or %foo.C}... I'm just making up this notation for the purpose of this post; of course you really do it visually. You put a bunch of inputs and title text in your block's prototype, and then you pick them all up (let's say by dragging across them) and right click and check a "make variadic" box. And then all the input slots in the group become variadic as far as the code is concerned (i.e. the value is a list of all the provided input values) but they're not separately variadic -- when you click the right arrow you get the entire group.

This feature is in the "medium term" category, i.e., it's not a burning priority that's a showstopper for a major use of Snap!, but it's something Jens intends to do reasonably soon. I want to combine it with the min/default/max feature for variadic inputs wherein you can specify the allowable number of slots. So 0/0/1 is an invisible optional input; 0/1/1 is a visible optional input. The normal case is 0/1/∞ although we probably won't use an explicit infinity symbol but instead the user will just leave it blank. Blocks like JOIN and APPEND are 0/2/∞. For some reason Jens hasn't been super excited about that part but I'll talk him into it.

Instead of a number for the default, could there be what looks and acts like a variadic input that we can put default values in and have the default number?

It doesn't really make sense, I think, to have default values for a truly variadic input slot. For the ones with a finite upper bound, maybe, especially if the upper bound is 1.

Your idea is that if you have fewer than the default number showing, and then you click the right arrow, as slots appear they have (possibly differing) default values? Maybe, although I'm not visualizing an example in which I'd want that. You're thinking of something like the JOIN block, I guess?

I'm kind of down on default input values altogether, because they mess up the empty-field implicit parameter feature in the higher order functions. Like, if you want to combine with JOIN, you have to take the trouble to empty those two input slots, or it doesn't work. I have an idea for how to fix that, but Jens absolutely hates it. (Basically, default inputs appear different, e.g. they're in light gray instead of black text, and then if there aren't enough truly empty slots then those count as empty too. Jens hates it in part because if you actually do want the default value in an input slot in a HOF, you may have to type the same text as the default value in order to make that slot filled in black text instead of gray text...) I agree that it's complicated. I want to do away with default inputs instead! But that's not going to happen.