You're surprised that Snap! makes those things inputs? It's meant as a shortcut in the "Make a block" dialog, before you get to the block editor, in which you can say "abcd &x &p" to make the block and give it inputs all at once. Something for the cool kids to teach the beginners about. :~)

0nce you're in the Block Editor, there's no need for percent signs because in the input name dialog you get to choose between input name and title text. But I guess you can still do it, anyway,

nah im surprised that making them without spaces and then add the spaces makes a input of type title text,thats why a bug!

Mmmm, maybe a misfeature...

Also the inputs still have their %s instead of splicing the first % out

ps:its percent sign not and lol
ohh and im now a approved guy!wowww

Yeah sorry I'm frazzled.

about the on hold thingy or about the and sign?

About the &.

oh ok