Inline and outline blocks

I made a pack of blocks that remakes every C-shape block as an inline block.
If you're wondering why some of the definitions are weird in Inline Blocks, I challenged myself by not using the actual block.

I will also be working on one that turns all inline command blocks into C-shapes.

Download "Inline Blocks"

Inline Blocks script pic
Inline Blocks script pic (1)

I've also created an example project which can be found here.

Interesting work :slight_smile:

Useful to visually shorten scripts :slight_smile:


Can I challenge you to make an inline version of the current variadic if block? :slight_smile:

aoc23Day8 script pic (9)

Not possible because we don’t have those kinds of vardradics yet
In 10.0 we get those so maybe

You could do
untitled script pic - 2023-12-08T160750.175

Not sure how you meant your block to be used but i tried this and it didn't say false

untitled script pic - 2023-12-08T221236.844

which the original block would

untitled script pic - 2023-12-08T221412.533

untitled script pic 201

with: untitled script pic 203
and: untitled script pic 204

Sorry for the late reply, but I have tried that and it didn't really go as expected, apparently objects after arrows aren't hidden behind said arrows.

Currently working on outline blocks now, call looks so weird.
Screenshot 2023-12-09 14.11.54

It looks even funnier being in an actual script, too.
untitled script pic (5)

Almost forgot to add warp, I've done it now, It's in variables because of it's gray color, you should see an updated version in the OP sometime soon.

Can you add inputs to it?

I made a version of this in nextblox but I forget my login for it

I don't think the original warp has inputs, I may be able to do what you're asking thougb.

I think they meant the call one :slight_smile:

HE did.

there is a command space in the warp block (outline)