Inheritance after creating a temporary clone

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  1. Chrome
  3. Using inheritance to have Sprite2 follow Sprite1,
  4. but when sprite2 creates a temporary clone it stops following sprite1 (x and y variables are still inherited, the motion just stops)
  5. Sprite2's inherited x and y position should still update the sprites position

I can't reproduce the bug. When Sprite(2) creates a clone, Sprite(2) still follows Sprite.
I can reproduce the bug when the set parent, inherit x, inherit y part of the script is separated.

Here's a video showing the problem. Notice how the new temporary clones still start at the "Player" sprite, but the launcher doesn't follow.

It looks like the only problem is the display of Launcher; its x position value still match Player's, but the position it is displayed at is inaccurate until the set parent and inherit x position blocks are run.