Inequality of 0

Hi Snappers!
Theoretically block wait 0 sec does the same if he wasn't in scripts.
But it isn't true. By this I can say that:

0 ≠ 0 but more correct is 0₁ ≠ 0₂

BUT, this operation is not logic. To this I have two antithesis. Before this I'll check this by

untitled script pic(1)

With block wait (0) sec we have time 0.3 but without we have 0.1
It confirmed fact that this 0 isn't a true 0.

It's simple to answer. In editor block *wait () sec* interprets the value in () as
value+x , where x is a "addition" for editor. Operation ()+x result is a correct time.

Second explanation is more logical. It explains that alone existence of block causes
slowing the whole script.

These antithesis deny inequalitie
0 ≠ 0
but they tell that:

Any ideas to define this situation?

Geezus, this rabbulism!
Waiting for zero seconds still yields the process once.

What does that mean?

Yeah, like, there are 0 results on Google.

Same. It gave me like 4 websites with different languages.
EDIT: Nevermind. 3 results.

I only have about Rabin .