Increase the Max File Size of a Project from 10mb to 15mb - Suggestion

So, I was working on a project where I had multiple games added in the form of scenes, and I wanted to save the file, but it said the file was over 10mb. My suggestion is to increase the file save size to 15mb, that way there can be more flexibility with projects.
If increasing every project size limit is too much, maybe there could be only 3 allowed projects per account that can have 15mb size?

or zip the xml...
(you gain space, we gain more storage)

in this project, i have a big list of 260000 records: 16mo for the xml, 1.3mo if i zip it !

How would you upload the zip file?

I think the idea of increasing project size because of the inclusion of several scenes is worthy, but at the moment our file storage costs are coming out of Jens's pocket, so I don't think it'll happen right away. We're working on getting a better source of funding.

That's understandable. Update 7.0 was incredible! Great job on it. :+1:

You could zip only for the cloud storage if you want. Better for Jen's pocket!

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