Improvement to the do in paralell and wait block

can you change the do in paralell and wait block definition to

edit: change it to
sorry I made it so big
I don't know why it needed the number 0 to work

That seems like a good idea

thank you

your welcome

Your version doesn't have the desired behavior. It continues the script below the block when ITEM 1 OF ACTIONS finishes, but that might not be the one that takes the longest time. The idea is not to continue the script until all the branches are complete.

Also,it is not in parell.Look at the code carefully!

okay, I made a new script:

or, this project

I don't know why It needed the number 0 to work

you can also make countdown a number instead

I find mine easier to understand, but that works too.

Just curious - what is wrong with the current block?

i guess it's too complicated?

yeah so I made an easier way and so did @pumpkinhead

@bh? now is it good?

Yeah I guess.

Right now I'm working on speeding up the APL library, so I'll get to this in a while. No hurry since the existing one works. :~)

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