Improved domain coloring (+ fractals)


and some pictures:


(generated in 480.3 seconds)


(generated in 439.9 seconds)


(generated in 751.4 seconds)

the reason these took so long to generate is because i chose a high # of iterations + max precision to get the really nice pictures. compare this to:

identity f(z) = z

Costume (1)

(generated in 18.6 seconds)

f(z) = arcoth(z)


(generated in 66.4 seconds)

and these are also at max precision. (which is actually resolution var = 1) to quickly view graphs you can set the resolution to a higher #. ex:

resolution = 2:


(generated in 15.3 seconds)

resolution = 3:


(generated in 6.9 seconds)

resolution = 4:


(generated in 4.2 seconds)

resolution = 8:


(generated in 1.1 seconds)

so obv some give and take between quality and quantity.

also there are 3 lightness functions defined in the Pen category, which you can swap out in the corresponding variable. the second and third one take an extra argument, see the block definition for their domains (no pun intended)

Very interesting! Loved it.
arms up open mouth

Also, I made a power-3 mandelbrot set: changine (^2) to (^3). Can someone make a power-4 one?

Also, this category is wrong; you should move it to Share your projects.

I love this a lot, early on I wanted to try to graph fractals but never got it to work because I couldn’t figure out how to do complex numbers

dc2 script pic (12)


took 1619.6 seconds to generate

Oh, I understand.

Cool (power 1.5):


Power Infinity:

Nothing if the power is Infinity.

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