Impossible users

IDK if this is intended or not but you can have usernames like "ㅤㅤㅤㅤ". anyways "ㅤㅤㅤㅤ" is my alt account and even if you remove the ability for special keyboard characters to be in usernames can you at least keep my account. ty.

yeah I already reported this by making a separate "bh" account with Unicode u+206c at the end (and promptly being banned, of course)

Well, certainly not intended, but as you can see it hasn't been a high priority for us to fix. There are too many invisible Unicode characters for us to keep track of!

The simple thng to do, is to only allow letters, numbers, and -_

I guess so, although that still allows same-shape letters from other alphabets.

I mean only letters in the latin alphabet, so only


These are the characters that most websites only allow in usernames.

Oh. Isn't that the sort of cultural imperialism that Unicode was supposed to overcome? Back when I was fighting to bring case-insensitive identifiers back into R7RS, people gave me all sorts of grief about ß (the German esszedt, which they falsely claimed prevented case folding). I wish I'd known as much about Unicode then as I've learned since.

What the world needs is for every Unicode letter to have a "canonical lowercase Latin spelling" property, so you could have "straße" as a username, but only if there isn't already a "strasse," and vice versa. There would be no need for it to be an invertable function, so you could map "ö" to just plain "o" (which is how I'd do it if I were in charge; the goal isn't to make the canonical spelling easy to pronounce) rather than the more idiomatic "oe." </rant>

That's what Microsoft does with Xbox gamer tags

What do they do with ß? (U+ 00DF)

if you make an allow list it shouldnt

also can i pretty please keep that username

I don't think we're planning to change anyone's username. We're not actually planning anything about usernames; right now we (in this thread) are having a hypothetical discussion.

that hypothetical issue is very real. it can be very easy to impersonate someone

also someone could create an acc called @avl_shor or @ego-Iay_atman_bay bc I(i) looks like l(L)

I'm not sure, but mine includes an Ñ and it shows up as N in Minecraft, but Ñ in other Xbox services. Also, you can't register an account with the same name, but a normal N for that same reason

Yeah that's what I wanted to know. We should do that too, compare the normalized form of the proposed username with the normalized forms of existing usernames.

What's hypothetical is this current discussion of what to do about the problem. I agree the problem is real.

oh ok