Importing CSV data

I want to be able to "listify" a .csv file that I have stored on Google Drive

I get "Inside Error: Unexpected end of JSON input"

THe .csv file is a list of latitudes and longitudes that I want to use in order to plot the flight of an air balloon.

Can someone help me how to figure out how to pull in the data?

CSV is different from JSON. You didn't show the code of your LISTIFY block, but if it's trying to parse the file as JSON then that's the problem.

The easiest way to do what you want is just to drag the file from your desktop onto the Snap! window. But if you want to read it from the net, you can
preloaded libraries script pic

Thanks Brian! That was very helpful. I did not know that I could drag a file into the Snap window. I now have a weather balloon path drawing itself across upstate NY :slight_smile: