Importing a sequence of images

I want my gane's players to be able to import a character, and I have all of it worked out except for the images to be used in animations importing. I would rather not use JS for this as that requires more effort from my players (and a lot of trust), and want to end up with them in a list. I don't mind making the player import through the on screen variable menus.

The usual way to do this is for you to include all the costumes in your project ahead of time, and then you can make a list of costumes for the user to choose from. Why do you want to delay the importing until the user chooses? Are you just interested in too many characters to be storable in your project?

pretty sure they mean they want users to be able to create characters, import them, and be able to send them around as files

Do you mean create them in Snap!, or create them in some other software and import them?

I think they mean as image files, saved on the users computer.

So the game I'm making is a fighting game like Super Smash Bros., but I want to allow for User Generated Content where players can make their own characters with custom sprites and scripts and these characters can be imported. I already have made a system for importing the scripts used (snap! scripts that are codified and then reverse codified when they're imported), but I don't know what to do for images. For scripts they can be activated depending on the state of the character, so I have them stored in a csv and then imported to Snap!. I've considered perhaps keeping the raw values of the images pixels for images.


Also yes, CSV file or a Google Sheet specifically (although I'm fine if images makes it two different files)

untitled script pic (10)

If you want, I can explain how to use images.

So a JSON can contain images? Cool

as long as you convert the images to a pixels list

I think your best bet is to create a new sprite into which the user stores costumes, scripts, sprite-local blocks, etc., and which can be exported all in one xml file that Snap! makes for you. A separate sprite per character. If you want you can copy all the stuff from that sprite to some central one if you don't want to just use the character's sprite itself.

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