Import multiple files at once

Currently, the Import menu allows for selection of only one file. This is inconvenient when I have 20 costumes for my sprite and I cannot multi-select them in the file upload menu.

Could this be changed to allow selection of multiple files from the file upload menu, which will all be imported to the same place?

Voted. I agree on this!

Also I want a button that says "Import" as I hate how you have to drag and drop files to import them.

You can drag and drop multiple files, but I do also hate how the import option only allows for one file.


This option would definitely make work with Snap! easier.

I'm in agree!!! The import button was to be to import multiple files, not 1 file !!!

That exists!

For the image files

It's in the FILE menu...

Agreed, epic for iPad.

Try putting all files into a folder and importing that. Or does it ask to select a file from that folder after? I don't know. I don't use graphics in my projects.

You can't select a folder to import, just one file, which is an image/audio/xml/text file.

Ah. Then nevermind.

Just use the import button in the file menu...

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