Images in Morphic.js

Does Morphic.js have any idea of images like Squeak?

No, Morphic is just the user interface framework that was invented by John Maloney and Randy Smith for a programming language called SELF (a kind of super Smalltalk, look it up!), and later for Squeak. The idea of an image that writes the whole memory snapshot to disk was already part of the early version of Smalltalk preceding both SELF and Squeak. I would love to do it in JavaScript, but JS is lacking Smalltalk's meta-programming capabilities and - even more important - it doesn't give me access to the memory. In order to achieve something like a general-purpose memory-image feature you'd have to add another layer to keep track of all objects yourself, so you can serialize them. This has been done, for example in the Lively-Kernel project of Dan Ingalls, and lately at HPI in Potsdam, Germany (look that up, it's really cool!). For Snap! I want something that has a smaller footprint and is easier to maintain by a very small team of programmers, so I've decided to - kinda - support the idea of a Smalltalk image only in Snap's projects. They store most of the state including the values of variables etc. That's a lot less work than maintaining a whole object table at the underlying JavaScript level.

@18001767679, I don't know what it is you're commenting about, but I must have mentioned before that it's annoying if people who obviously did not even understand the question answer with cryptic pieces of code. Please stop being a jerk!

I'm just joking (and that code is how to set a label in Qt picture)

yeah, I get that. But it's a legitimate question and giving it an ironic one-liner answer makes it seem as if there was an obvious answer to it which the one asking the the question didn't get. Also it gives the wrong impression that the original question had been answered


That's for security purposes.