Image to sound

i had a silly idea of converting images to sound via color

if you have a spectrogram, please send the spectrogram of the sound, ill see if it looks the image

update: after using audacity to see the spectrogram, it didnt show a lambda

i declare this as a failure

let me try

That's because the spectogram shows images by using pitches. Multiple sine waves are needed at once to make an image. Try looking at Cave 14 sound from Minecraft and look at the spectogram. It'll then show an image of a creeper.

Oh, yeah, I remember the Minecraft sound stuff, but it was for Discs 11 & 13.

Kinda related but could be considered off topic: Here's a crazy thing you can do with those 2 discs and Disc 5. Set up 3 jukeboxes in a row, then start counting every second. When you reach 5, put in Disc 5 in the 1st jukebox. When you reach 11, put in Disc 11 in the 2nd jukebox. When you reach 13, put in Disc 13 in the 3rd jukebox and stop counting. The result is crazy! I found this in a myth video and tried it myself and it works!

bro, the minecraft cave sounds literally traumatized me as a kid

show me!

i hope its a image of a pig farting when spectrogram'd /hj

I'd have to get a video of it.

Probably not, but you never know/

gimme it NOW



Hey, if you want to try it yourself, that's fine. That's not gonna affect me getting the video, of course.

i dont have minecraft installed

(if i wanna get it, i have to sail the 7 Cs to the get the treasure)



The spectogram of cave14.ogg looks like this:

See the kreper creeper?

Let's go back on topic.

i know that, when i was a kid

also how do i even do that in snap