Image encoding with unicode characters

I made this project that encodes an image using characters to represent numbers,
It works and it's good at doing what it's supposed to do.
If you need a proprietary image format to hide your passwords in, this is an option.

I really don't know what to say other than "this is very gimmicky and impractical but the idea is cool" just read the project notes please


I found a weird glitch. If you try to use an image with either width or height of 256, it becomes 10, making some unexpected glitches. Can you try to treat 256 as something else?

It should be fixed now, RGBA values of 10 are still supplemented for unicode 256 but width and heights of ten are now supplemented for unicode 0.

I'm also gonna take this opportunity to explain why I do this:
This takes a few ideas from CSV tables, it's a big lists-in-lists thing, each individual list inside the big list being separated by newlines, but newlines obviously have a unicode value, the newline unicode is 10, so I substitute 10 for impossible numbers whenever they're come across. with impossible RGBA vals being 256 (they only go from 0 to 255) and impossible widths and heights being zero.