Im working

Im working on a node editor using morphic.js if I need any help I’m gonna ask also wish me luck :)!

Ok already I need help…. I’m wondering how do I set the texture of a morph to a file?


I want to set the texture of a morph to a file I recommend if you don’t know morphic.js then you should probably learn about it so you can help

send me a tutorial


ill check it when i get home

oh. u want a mesh. thats gonna be complicated


discussing javascript on this forum is discouraged by the community.

Ok sorry I just wanted a place to post this and I need help and this is the only community who can help me with morphic.js

yes. but it is also an important thing to discuss.

Yes right? Because plus snap is made using javascript and if we have to talk about snap then we can talk about JavaScript if you know what I mean

so i can go on a forum about the ruby programming language and ask people for help about the C programming language just because ruby is built using C? that makes no sense.

Oh yeah…. Sirry