Im struggling with get block

im using the get block and url block for, but it keeps returning nothing. I need help please

It's probably because of CORS. I just tested, and yes, you need a CORS proxy for it to work (unless you have access to the whole website setup, then you can do something to get it to work without a CORS proxy)

but it has a cors thing though

Did you set up the website? If so, you could try setting the CORS policy to any site.

By the way, this is out of my skillset, you'd need to google how to do it yourself.

Use a CORS Proxy. Try requesting

You can enable cors by adding a file called _headers in the root directory, and putting /* Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * in the _headers file. Optionally, you can set the * part to the website that will be sending requests to the server.

um what

wdym by "what" I cant help you if you just say "what"

what root directory??

Do you think im hosting this?

Root directory is the first directory you enter. Like on a PC, the root directory is the C: drive.

I know this, but this is github we're talking about

Would the root directory be the first thing?


Would the root directory be the first thing?



oh, ok thanks


it updated yet its not working?

hmm i just looked a stack overflow post
maybe its wrong.
in that case idk

also btw nice site
here is one I'm working on
hope you don't mind me putting you in it

oooh, nice! Also what site?
Also I dont mind