I'm quitting Snap

It was a good run, and I will miss you all...

But Im quitting snap, forever!
I made a project as a memorial


I will never be able to return, I'm sorry :frowning:


Is this a fool?

Quick answer: Yes (the project)

I have to, the school is now making it so every site you go on that isnt in the white-list automatically gets blocked (starting monday)

No, of course not! When have I ever lied?

Today. But you'd always made jokes. Haha...

When have I ever made jokes?

edit: seriously i lost track of how many joke posts i have made :joy:

You already have the answer

lol, i really have some reputation, but i have no clue if its good or bad

But you post on 4/1 so we think that this is for april fools

Sad to see you go. :frowning:

Oh, well, just get them to whitelist us!

Yeah, that's about how a whitelist works.

A: I’m not clicking on that link because I bet it’s a rickroll, B: I am 95% sure that this is April fools.

if this wasnt a joke i would post this on 4/2