I'm not sure why my bare-bones windowing manager is so laggy

I'm trying to use my Lisp library to create a window manager, but for some reason, it is randomly stuttering. Is it just my hardware, or does anyone else experience it?


It doesn't seem to be lagging or stuttering for me.

There doesn't seem to be anything in the project that could run slowly - have you given us the right link?

Really? That link is correct. It must just be my computer.

(This wouldn't be the first time a project is only laggy on my computer.)

How many browser tabs do you have open?

8 tabs.

it look like this for me

is it normal ?


It's normal, the black box is just the sprite that is being shown over it, just click on a "hide" block and it'll look fine

Oh, don't do that. That's for mouse collision. change the ghost effect to 99 in the block.

I think you should switch to the pentrails costume (not redrawing all the stuff forever...) and use the when i'm pressed event to move the sprite.
(think about this: when you will display 10 windows, you will have to redraw all the windows... in wich order you will redraw all the windows etc..., how did you manage the X (close windows) for each windows)

This is my attempt (with scisnap), that will inspire you (maybe)

My plan is to use layering to control which windows draw where, as each window will be its own clone.

Perfect !

Plz, share your project when it's done

100 is even better, it is completely invisible, yet the mouse can even interact with it