I'm new to snap

Hi, everyone I'm new to snap (which means I have been around but not signed up) well as you can see I'm MANMAN I've had this account since may 2022. I play Geometry Dash, Minecraft, I code with python and snap. It's pretty weird that I know so much about computers but I'm only a kid. Also just saying hi everyone. I've also made some games and/or projects

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome to the forums! Would you be so kind as to show me some of your projects?

Hi! (Wow. Such full circleness. I feel like it was yesterday I was introducing myself on the forums…)

Welcome to Snap! ! You're not so weird; we've had a steady (if narrow) stream of amazing 12-year-olds.

Uh...what do you mean by that?

welcome to snap!

I mean, we don't have hundreds of them at a time, but as they age out, new ones trickle in.

Us minors are slowly taking over the computer world, welcome to Snap!!


i made a knew one called rose run i will make more though

Please give me a link, and thank you!

its a little buggy though

Pretty cool. Better than what I did when I first started Snap! or Scratch.

Is there an objective?...or...something? Because I jumped all the way to the top of the vine and nothing happened.

oh sorry it is still a work in progress

Welcome to snap, manman!

It's okay!

Welcome! I have used Scratch for a couple of years, and now I have an account on this website as well. Anyway, I hope you enjoy all of the special features that Snap! provides! :slightly_smiling_face: