I'm new here- I came here from Scratch

I'm brand new to here- I came from scratch and i have no idea how to use this site's api- i'm not even sure if i can upload custom vectors as well- If someone here could help me with learning about the api that would great (ifyou want to message me on scratch instead my username is @cs1188109)

Welcome, yes you can by a drag an drop.

You shouldn't need to touch the site's API (unless you are Jens!). You can upload SVG images to a project via drag and drop.

End-users should never need to use any program's API at all, unless that is the product. For example, you could use YouTube's API to query for the mp4 video file of a video, but that doesn't mean that you should do that instead of watching the video on YouTube. (Of course, you could use the API to make your own custom YT frontend, but that's different.)

jeez that was very very quick, and thanks for that reply! :smiley:

You also need to drag in drop in the costumes tab. i forgot to mention!

how exactly do i click and drag- i'm trying but nothing is working- could you describe it a bit better

If you're talking about the snap website api, then you can't use it, otherwise you will get banned.

If you're talking about the snap editor, and blocks, then you can look at the snap manual (in the editor, click on the snap logo > reference manual). If you need help with a specific thing, feel free to ask on the forum.

You actually don't. Snap will import any svg as a costume.

okay thanks for that

Open your files program, click and hold the file, and drag into the editor window (in your web browser.)

ok that's very good thanks for that :smiley:

SO DID I! WOW! I got on Snap! because Scratch got blocked.

We aim to please! :~) Welcome.

Please tell me your Scratch username isn't your student ID from some coursee you took that used Scratch.

All I really know is there's probably over a thousand usernames that consist of "cs(randnum)".

That's fine if the numbers really are random, rather than school-assigned usernames containing official student IDs. That would be bad.

Hey, I came from Scratch too. It got blocked on the device I'm CURRENTLY using, but I sometimes use other devices that don't have Scratch blocked.

I also came from Scratch but I'm bored, so I now slowly transition to Snap! until certain.

I moved to Snap! not because Scratch is blocked, but programming complex things here are hard, and no exponentation block: [scratchblocks](() ^ () :: operators[/scratchblocks]. So, yeah.

Isn't the OP's profile picture a skunk?

Uhhhh, OP of Scratch? I don't know.

Workaround for integers greater than 1: repeats and multiplication blocks.

Ok. I have made projects in Scratch, I just want to have them converted to Snap! projects so I can work on them here.

I meant the profile picture of snaggytehskunk. Made this as a spoiler as it could be offtopic.

...Oh. I don't know.

Just-a restating here.