I'm leaving Snap! until further notice

Not really a project but I didn't know where to post this.

TL;DR: I don't really find interest in Snap! anymore. So I'll leave. Sorry for all the trouble I've caused.

Long story: So basically I got banned for an entire week. Why? Let me tell you why.

I posted something that was offensive to Scratch. I didn't know what the mods found offensive or not. I thought that saying Scratch sucked or something was the most minimal offensive thing you could say about Scratch. But no, I complained about some user who got me banned from Scratch.

bh said that it was a complaint about Scratch Team banning me. I was confused. I didn't heed his warning.

So there I was, confused and dumb, and posted the same thing for 2 times. I ended up being banned.

Today I got unbanned. But during that time I didn't feel like doing anything on Snap!. And I've caused so many arguments lately that I think I should leave temporarily to cause no more damage. I'll come back sooner, perhaps in the summer or such.

I will leave in a week, or 5 days, because I posted a video/animation on Snap! talking about my hiatus 2 days ago. I announced in that video that I would leave in a week worth of posting that video. And now its 5 days. 5 days left.

For everyone (Mods, users, etc): Thank you for spending time with me on Snap! and the Forums. Today will not be the end of me though. I will leave in 5 days after posting this. Goodbye.

EDIT: These are not the only reasons why I am leaving Snap!. I also wanted to join a few game jams on itch.io and code some games on Unity.

Well I don't think anyone cares.

but i do:_( i understand why you are leaving. i hope you enjoy your break.

Thank you

nooo sad

You need to be patient if you want replies.

"im sorry, I cannot take my post seriously with my pfp" - @oofpaste249, PE

rip :(

Thank you. And goodbye :(

Thank you for your kindness. :(

Goodbye :~(
P.S. If you do any game jams please notify me.

I have the 30 minute game jam (That you know of already).

bye :(