Im creating a collection of my projects

I feel super proud about learning some hyper text markup language but it is pretty ametuer so please excuse my white bg.

You don't like our collection feature?

I intend to replace the links with a snap emulator as I want to put all the data of the website on my thumb drive so

  1. Offline use
  2. Backup
  3. Security
  4. Easy transfer
  5. Customization of the page

How are Snap! collections not secure?

well i cant backup a stolen account

they collect your private data, that's why they're called collections /j

just.. just say html please

also, <center> will help you a bunch

the center tag is deprecated in the hyper text markup language 5, use cascading stylesheets instead.

also, styles on tags usually apply to the inner tags, you only need to use font-family on the body tag.

i know this, thank you, but it still works.

in your browser sure, but it's not supported in every browser. why suggest it if it's depricated?

Because it works on every major browser

Safari, every Chromuim based browser, Firefox, etc

lol i was just being extra

it's very likely to get support dropped later, like the font tag and many of the other html4 tags.
something working is not a good reason to suggest it when there's better options.
i'm not sure why you care to defend it either

Clowe said he was just learning html, so i assumed he doesnt know css. Now will you chill out?

just use text-align: center; in the stylesheet