I'm back

uhh what changed in these months?
did the js block appeal?(solved:nope)
did snap support cloud variables?(solved:still needs external cloud sites)
I'm not very happy about the fact that there's only 2 new blocks
but looks like there is a new scene system :partying_face:
How do you make new tabs like this?(solved:

@bh ?

There's a lot more, in fact, you can now build scripts using code without js.

As well as see the syntax tree of a script

There's a new way for library blocks that require js to not need js enabled by using the primitive blocks

You can find them by enabling extension blocks in the options menu.

A pretty recent change is these blocks are now variadic.

Oh, and send to has been replaced by adding an arrowhead to the broadcast blocks that when expanded, you can broadcast to a certain sprite. You can also now get the message received by selecting any message in the when I receive block.


There is no pi constant in the primitive block(round one)
Should I import the bignums thing?

You can import some libraries that use js to see how they work (the getters and setters library still uses the js block, so don't import that one)

HEY im asking about math constants

I think you may need to load the bignums.

edit: I don't think the primitive block even has what you're looking for

I'll stick to 3.14159265358979326 then

Also create your own categories.

Don't forget about

Yooooo, can somebody tell me who this guy is? Remember I joined days before 7.0 released, so I have no idea who this guy is

Maybe you shouldn't post your real name or age?

What do you want to know about him?

idk, he/she is just making this big announcement so I just assumed they did big stuff

It's a he. His name is Aaron.

Maybe you should thank him (Or mark his comment as a solution), Aaron?

I think you should ask about that sort of stuff, I know I wouldn't feel comfortable being called my real name on the forums...

He is a really good Snapper who had lots of drama on the Snap! Forums while gone. He also are very good at JavaScript.

this sounds so wrong but idk why

what happened?

I want to know too :smiley:

There is an ancient topic that says what should we get called.

I was online then.
But you joined on 24 jan and i wasn't online on that time :frowning:

I was just bored when watching boring sky class(is this the correct translation @programmer_user?)
Quarantine for Shanghai :frowning:
Thank you for welcoming

Oh and that reminds me to replace the old block shop topic in the user page