I'll be done making games on snap (Art stuff)

Sorry about the weird category choice.

So, I think I'm gonna be done making games using this engine.

Instead I think I would like to make art for your games. Like if you ever need any art you can request it and I could draw it to the best of my ability. I believe I would have more fun making art for games rather than making them myself.

So I think I'll be done making games, and I'm just going to accept art requests.

Long time no see​:slightly_smiling_face:

What kind of art style(s) would it be.

Are you good at pixel art because mainly that's the aesthetic I use often.

Snap is more of an IDE, not really a game engine. A game engine has everything from Physics to Advanced Graphics. Snap! has NONE of them. You are required to code your own physics and graphics. By graphics I mean "light physics" or stuff.

We hope you come back to making games sometime in the future!

I would say I'm good at pixel art. Mainly more simple things when it comes down to it. I think I can draw pixel art pretty well.

I'm more of a cartoony kind of person when it comes to art. I could draw anime if you wanted but, I'm probably not the person for that, but I take/took inspiration from people like Vivziepop, LavenderTowne, and FNAFnations. Of course, my drawings aren't perfect. They could always be improved.


Sorry- wrote that sentence wrong:
Do you enjoy doing Cartoon Logos or pixel art more? have you ever made a anime person digitally?
I heard Runestone Academy was really nice if you are looking for more than snap has to offer... but idk i never tried it...since im like just a beginner in this stuff. :upside_down_face: