If all snap projects must be open source, won’t it be too easy to hack a game and cheat?(again)

I want to make a multiplayer game, but I don’t want players to cheat. Anyway to not let the players to cheat? Maybe embed a xml that is hosted by google drive so they can’t access the xml? Is it possible to embed a project that is hosted in another website?
(I’m not saying that I don’t like open source, I do like open source, but I hate cheating)
Embed a unpublished project isn’t a solution, people cans still get the link when they edit your HTML. Is there a way to close source HTML

never mind, I found out that you can share it(don’t publish it), then embed to your own html website without edit button(or maybe use js function to embed it if it is possible) this way they can play it but they can’t access the code(I think)
You can then duplicate your project and publish it so people can view your code, but can’t cheat while playing your game (because the 2 projects are separate)

Yes, but if you publish the game, people can still hack in to your game, if you only shared it, only people who have the link can edit the game

Yeah, and tha’s the solution! Thank u! :smiley: