Ideas to make development easier

I have several changes that I think would help make certain types of development in Snap! easier.

Option to reload an extension using src_load without having to refresh the page

currently, if you src_load an extension that you have already loaded, Snap! won't load the extension again. this makes sense to conserve resources, but it means you have to reload the page if you actually want to load the extension again (such as when developing an extension).

This option doesn't even have to be a setting, maybe an option in the file menu when extension blocks are enabled to manually load an extension.

Save the "extension blocks" setting in the project

Just save it in the project somewhere, more like Log pen vectors and less like JS extensions

Option to enable visible stepping without the extra popups and colors

Currently, when visible stepping is enabled, data being reported inside custom blocks and functions pops up outside them. while I understand how this could be useful occasionally, most of the time it is just annoying, especially with blocks that handle large chunks of data.

In addition, it also highlights scripts when you hover over a variable in the pallette. again, this could be useful sometimes, but when working with very large scripts having Snap! freeze for a minute every time you accidentally touch a variable in the pallette is very annoying.

I would like to be able to have visible stepping without any of these extra features.


If any of this sounds too harsh

Sorry, I'm venting a bit in this post.
I really love Snap! and just want it to be the best it can be.
I understand making changes to such a complex program can be hard.


That is not gonna happen for the same reason you have to enable javascript every time you want to use javascript blocks. HOWEVER you can make a variable with the name format __module__{name} with a url to a javascript extension to be loaded when the project (or library) is loaded. The only downside is that it won't load urls that are not whitelisted.

I think extension blocks visibility not being enabled is for a completely different reason than the JS one

AFAIK it's to discourage Snappers from using them and try to get them to stick to using library modules

A workaround is to just include a primitives sprite in your project and then they will be available to drag/drop to other sprites

Oh, I thought they were talking about storing the url in the project and automatically loading it regardless of whether it was whitelisted or not.

yeah, but it's harder than just dragging them out of the pallette

Can you show an example? I'm not really sure if it should be __module__https://... __module__{https://...} or something else...

It should be like this
With the variable set to the url. Like this


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