Ideas for a game console thing i'm making out of an old pc

What would be a good approach for this if i were aiming for a mixture of NES and PS1 style design philosophy and games?
Specs: 4 Gigabytes of ram, x86 CPU, preferring to use DOS as a base for everything but might budge if given help on how to make C code run on baremetal x86 (it would have to compile on windows), 2 USB SNES Controllers

well, before you do anything, you'll need to figure out how to run snap games in msdos... which happens to be very old. i don't think you can run html and css on dos... unless some crazy programmer figured it out. and 4gb is a lot of memory for dos, are you sure your not talking about some other operating system or a feature, like command prompt?

Nah, not really related to snap, and def not cmd, lol i hate it when people call cmd the dos prompt, one's literally a self contained OS, aka the only thing your pc runs when turned on and with it installed, and one's a direct text based system interface for windows, (get it right, (other) internet forum doods!)
and i'd use a smaller ram amount but generational incompatibility >:( so i don't have any smaller sized ram modules that will fit

on a similar note though i think one could theoretically run Scratch 1.4 on win 95 (or 3.1, with the win 95 forwards compatability libraries installed)

dos just means disk operating system

Yeah, but i can build a shell around it lol, autoexec my beloved