Idea: Snap4Arduino and Snap Circuits

Possible project idea: connect Snap4Arduino! to Snap Circuits (electronics kit that makes electronics easier by connecting components with snaps) to do things.

I think it should be more for the REAL Arduino UNO than Snap Circuits because most people have an Arduino circuit board and NOT a Snap Circuits board or anything like that

Yeah. I have an Arduino UNO. And I don't have a Snap! Circuit thing.

Snap Circuits isn't related to Snap!. but i do have one

Computers usually have no general purpose input output ports. Some "legacy" ports can be "hacked" - sound card, parallel printer port, analog joystick interface, serial port RS232 (if present).
But the risk of damge of the, hundreds or thousends worth, computer is intimidating.
Much safer way is to use a Arduino, micro:bit, or so on, boards connected with USB/WiFi to Snap!, Snap4Arduino or MicroBlocks.
At least "bromagosa", "cymplecy", "tguneysu" should have experience in such scenario.

this was made 6 months ago.