I would like features from Bingo in Snap!

I would like things like reading websites and files and the blur effect added into Snap (they're in the Scratch Bingo mod)

I don't like Bingo that much...

All I like about bingo is that there is a press flag block

(experimental secret): Pressing the shift-key and holding it down while clicking to pop-up the messages menu in broadcast gives you the option to fire the green flag event programmatically:

press green flag

thanks, I didn't think of that

How does making a message named green flag clicked with the new... option not work if choosing the green flag option apparently puts green flag clicked in the slot?

It actually puts in __shout__go__ in the slot, but it looks like green flag clicked. If you make a new message called __shout__go__, it will work.


I knew about __shout__go__, but why/how does it say green flag clicked?

It looks like "green flag clicked", but it's actually __shout__go__ on the inside.


green flag clicked is just the English translation of the string __shout__go__. Changing language you will see other results, often the original string because there is no translation yet.


I wish Snap! could read Bingo projects.