I wondered how many projects/users has been taked down

I was wondering, how many projects/users were taken down? snap! website creation to right now
if there are reports that got taken down,
which one was those? like: (Bullying, Innapropriate language, etc.)

I don't have statistics; maybe Bernat knows. It's a very small number, though. And I should clarify that when we do "take down" a project we unpublish and unshare it, rather than deleting it, except twice that I can remember for deliberate malware.

We delete users all the time, because they join just to advertise pornography, or occasionally to advertise other stuff. With the same malware exceptions, I don't think we've ever deleted a real user, someone who makes projects. We've banned people temporarily. I don't remember a permanent ban, but maybe there have been some.

I hate bullying and when I see it (in the forum, rarely in projects) I delete it right away. An occasional "dirty" word doesn't bother me so much -- I reserve the right to say anything whatsoever after hitting my thumb with a hammer -- although when my (now adult) kid was younger he'd occasionally work himself into a mental state in which literally every third word out of his mouth was f--- or f---ing, and I couldn't bear listening to that. So that's how I try to moderate the forum: cut people some slack for occasional lapses, but not allow extended obscene rants. (Having said that, we do get flags from a few users about each lapse and sometimes we'll go along with deleting the post, especially for more than one complaint.)

But, the big picture is that punishing y'all is not how we prefer to spend our time; we're more likely to send an offending user (who isn't a habitual offending user) a private message suggesting a rephrasing. The goal is to encourage you to be mature, not to encourage you to make a game of seeing how close to the edge you can get.

Oh i see now.

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