I wonder what would happen if I made a... Music Project?

Hmmmmmm this looks worthy how bout you click it?


Enjoy it? Animation.

The music isn't playing, so I decided to check the project and found out the sound effect is broken. Please fix this.

If a link is suspicious, I would think it would be best not to click it.

Is that a question...?
Also it's not really a music video, just a looping short animation with music.
Also the sound doesn't work, you can fix this by:

  • exporting to a Scratch project (yes scratch specifically)
  • using some effect that can be reversed without undo (like speed up) and then its inverse
  • exporting back to Snap!

This happens because Scratch has a weird way of working with .wav files and applying effects fixes that for some reason. Snapinator just rips the sounds directly.

Wdym the sound does not work? Also the 'sus' thing is a joke. And yes 'Enjoy it?' Is a question.

Think I fixed the sound.

No, it still doesn't play..

The console says there is no supported source (comm. page, block in editor, sound tab in editor), but it downloaded (exported) perfectly (at least the little bit that I listened to; I'm very sure the rest downloaded just as well).
EDIT: It also failed to play on Replit.

was it a .wav file when you first got the sound?

Oof my music video is broken:(