I want to make an halloween themed 2D beat saber-like game, any tips or ideas?

Its gonna have music and a glow-sword that follows where you move your mouse, but I need to know how to move the sword while keeping the bottom of the sword attached to the bottom of the screen(that way there's no way to cheat and make the sword go to the top of the screen, where the cubes spawn), how to?

Also I need to know how to make a lot of duplicates of the square sprite so that way they are all in different places, but going to the same direction(to the bottom of the screen) and then hide when they go off-screen and respawn in different places at the top.

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Move sprite to bottom and then switch the sprite to be non-draggable then just change the x position of the sprite using your code


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I might also think about making this a collab, because I don't think I can do it by myself, you can ask if you want to help make the sprites and special effects, if you want.

me can help sprite

How though, I want to make the glow-sword move side-to-side, but it just keeps following your mouse up to, I want to disable the players glow-sword from going up and down, but I want it to move side-to-side when the player moves their mouse.

Your probably making the sword goto the mouse postition.

What you should do instead is just change the x position of the sword to be equal to the x position of the mouse

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Okay, so drawing?
so far all I have for the glow-sword sprite is:
Uhhhh, yeah, bad glow-sword I made there, I want halloween-like colors: Purple, orange, black, red. Do you think you can make it look better? For example: make it look more like its glowing, add more neon orange color?

ahh, okay, fixed it. Thanks.


untitled script pic (8)

i mean code not draw

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Maybe you can find an inspiration in the code for the sprite which is attached to the bottom of the screen and follows where you move the mouse in my Bubble Popper project (which I left at 97% completion percentage), but this particular portion of code is completed.

Please give me a minute to find (I'm not at computer now, and it's hard to find it on my phone) the URL of the project.


I need help with that, btw the glow-sword needs to hit the squares, that's the point of the game.

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Alright, take your time, and thanks for trying to help! :)

Ok, I am done with fade thing idk.

not done with full game YET though. Tell me what you think so far.


I like the fading you made.

You said you would like the motion to be side-to-side and you succeed in making it the way you intended, with a fading, too.


Maybe you don't need to look into my project at all because my motion is not side-to-side, but in direction from -X degrees to X degrees.

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Thanks :)

I have been thinking about making this project since last night, and I didn't sleep yet. I will sign off for now to sleep a bit. When it is morning, I will wake up to work on this project. Wait, it is morning....ahhhh, nevermind, I will wake up this afternoon.
I literally have no experience at making a game like this, haha.

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Take a good night afternoon sleep.

Nighty night :~D

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Ok, i'm alive. I woke up later than I had planned.

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Can I nag a bit, if you allow me to?

If you do, then I would like to say that try going to sleep early enough you will be able to be awake during your remote school classes.

There, I said it.

Now you can hate me for nagging. ;~P

Will be back tomorrow because it's time for me to go and get some sleep.

Ok guys, I am almost done!!!

I added the Score system, blocks and special effects, it was actually easier than I thought! Although it has a lot of lag (Is there a way to get rid of the lag?).
What do you guys think?