I wanna make "Snap Admin Simulator", but dont have any resources

@bh, can you share some screen shots of what the snap forums looks like for you?

just build a discourse forum urself

It’s 100 USD.

how can it require money to set up if it's open source?

i think the cost that it shows is just for them hosting it for you.

It’s 100USD to host the forums due to cloud services I believe.

That's a lot, $100! That's 3-5 times the cost of Minecraft!

Guys its a snap game not a new forum :man_facepalming:

you didn't read his post.

I know, nice idea I would liek to see it happen and I could help maybe.


off topic between 5 and 8
especially the minecraft thing
ps:plain craft launcher for don't-want-to-buy-minecraft guys

Me playing this be like:

ban jens
remove admin from bh
ban half of everyone
insult everyone


I wanna make it just so i can go crazy lol

if that would happen then i would def rate it 10/10

it starts at 100 USD

thats what im planning to do, but I want to make this as realistic as possible.

I will do this in netblox and then export it into regular snap when done

:man_facepalming: It costs $100 for them to host a forum.
The actual code is 100% free and open-source.
Just download the discourse software, open it up on local server, and make yourself an admin.

TIL where the snap forums came from