I Wanna Buy and Arduino (Which One?)

I want to buy a Arduino (or kit)...
but which one.

Could someone recommend some? Read below. Also: Parts for a project below, please send me a link if you find any or have any recommendations.

So far I have been looking at the Arduino Uno Rev 3

  • For Beginners

  • Able to use the C++ Arduino IDE/Editor

  • I want to make a motion sensor that will send a email to myself if it detects motion.

  • I want to make a RC car.

  • I want to make a game controller(that would pair with Scratch, Snap!, or Xbox).

  • I want to make a motion sensor light.

Any project ideas that would be cool to suggest, please do:)

I may also get a micro:bit

You could buy a Raspberry Pi. If you are okay with soldering, then a RPi 0W is probably what you want, and otherwise, a RPi 4. RPi works with Python, and electrical components (including motion sensors).

Dunno about RC Cars, but you can definitely make keyboards with a RPi, leading me to believe a game controller would be possible to make too.

I’m looking for C++

The Uno is best documented and supported model.

You can buy cheap clones that work identically as the official model

A basic Uno doesn't come with any means of communicating to it wirelessly so things like an RC car are not possible.

However, there are other microcontrollers based upon ESP8266/ESP32 chips that can be programmed using the Arduino IDE that do have WiFi built-in.

The NodeMCU is a well established version that doesn't require soldering to use, just a breadboard.

in the description on the official website, it says you can make a RC car with it. Not on the WIFI version.

You should probably buy the ELEGOO Arduino kit. You can choose either one but just note that they all may or may not have the same parts.

I mean, the Arduino UNO R3 isn't an official Arduino UNO, it's just a version that ELEGOO makes. So if you want an official Arduino UNO then you should buy one at arduino.cc.

You won't be able to use all the pieces in the kit but it's for fun anyways.

The Arduino UNO Rev 3 is on Arduino.cc that’s how I found it.

Oh, for harder/more complex projects, I think the Arduino MEGA is better for you. It's basically an Arduino UNO but bigger. It has more pins.


I have postponed the Arduino, before the Arduino I will be buying a different physical computing program that includes motors.

you should look into buying a car kit, eg: DFRobot Maqueen. it has servo motors, sensors, IR, distance, RGBLeds, etc.
exposed i2c port and three pins will allow you to start experimenting right away. it is supported by MicroBlocks as well. plus it forms a nice quality build that can be added on.

thanks, ill use this for future reference.

Also works with C’s, I think. Not sure though.