I tried asking some chatbots to answer questions using the Snap! manual

I tried Microsoft's Bing Chat and Anthropic's Claude. Results were mixed.

Both are freely available though Bing Chat runs only on the Edge browser.

So … LLMs are not ready (yet!) to replace @bh if ever he really really retires :smile:
Let alone @jens - I’m afraid Bing Chat would turn Snap! into C# with blocks :smirk:

Well, the reason I didn't use ChatGPT 4 is that it only knows about Snap! in 2021. But it did surprisingly well talking about hyperblocks. (Note I tried to get the CreatiCode ChatGPT plugin to show the Snap! program at the end but didn't realize I needed to enable it before I start. Ignore the last part.)

Not unless you trick the website.

  1. Open Dev Tools
  2. Find the network conditions tab
  3. Un-tick Use browser default
  4. Underneath the box you just un-ticked, click on it and find Microsoft Edge (Chromium) - Windows

You should probably just use this as a last resort (e.g. you are on Ubuntu and don't have access to Edge) Also, it doesn't save, so once you close the tab you have to do that again.

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