I think something's missing

The thing's that missing is the "More Blocks" section.

We're not an exact copy of Scratch. When you make a block in Scratch it's always purple, a special deal. In Snap!, when you make a block that's about sprite motion, you put it in the Motion category, and so on.

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Wah? No, no, in Scratch 3.0, custom blocks are coral! :slight_smile:

A custom block definition, "define jump (distance)", beside a call to that block, "jump (10)". The blocks are coral-colored (pinkish red), not purple.

Coral isn't always Scratch 3.0 Custom Block Pink.

credit to wayback machine & national science foundation, blue coral.
edit: also credit to Ryan McMinds

edit: forgot to include: in 2.0, custom blocks were purple.