I think I broke Snap with broadcast block

I have no idea what I did while fixing @oscar_robinson 's Sky Ship, but what I do know is this isn't supposed to happen.

You got a very bad luck... :pensive:

What do you mean?
The projects fine

This error usually means infinite recursive/circular call.
"Broadcast and wait" probably call each other in a loop.

Yup, I just realized my mistake.
broadcasting "new gem" would make new gem broadcast "emerald", which broadcasts "new gem".

To many broadcasts?

this should explain it.

I understand-ish, thanks.

In a nutshell: The broadcasts are broadcasting each other causing an infinite loop.

I’m gonna stop replying to this, I do not get it:(

The broadcasts are broadcasting each other.
broadcasting emerald in the when i receive new gem would broadcast new gem causing an infinite loop.
It essentially broadcasting something that has the block to broadcast itself in it.

this is basically what they're saying

Oh that makes much more sense lol.

By the way. @ego-lay_atman-bay it automatically deletes a ,,fade'' effect for blocks. Before it, I have this:

but after this I have this:

even when I stopped project. Broken.

Yeah you have to refresh. Why does it stop fade effect?

No. I haven't to refresh.

Well that's a bug I can't fix

This can be fixed like this:

Yeah, but what would do you when this script which wait will needed?

It will wait an infinite time, I think. Only if the broadcast block doesn't error.