I remade the Snap! logo in the Scratch vector editor! How did I do?

costume1 (3)

Edit: updated it
costume1 (3)

costume1 (5)

Good start. But the gap in the baseline is so that the descender of the "p" goes through it.

And the font is supposed to be Candara.

How good an approximation are you aiming for? The swoosh at the top is asymmetrical, leaning to the right. (Long left side, then an abrupt descent on the right.) If anything, Control blocks are the other way, with a gradual descent on the right.

ok ill see what i can do and did scratch add new fonts?

i spent an hour working on this one part lol, i dont think ill be changing that

i know..? Thats why i added it? lol

Thanks for the advice though!

But the descender of the "p" /doesn't/ go through the gap, at least on my screen:

ooh, i forgot the image would look different for everyone because its an svg file
ill have to manually add the font into the code

edit: oh wait i dont think ill have to do that if i add in casandra. Ill see what i can do.

sooo theres no casandra font in google drawings...


Got it

You mean Candara? Also, pretty sure microsoft own the font, so you might not be able to find it on google fonts.

nope its on google drawings lmao

Ah, ok. If you have windows, it's probably already on your computer, but I'm pretty sure you're on chromebook, right?

yeah, chromebook.

I fixed it. This time its not text so it should be exact for everyone

Much better! The only thing is, the lower left corner of the lambda is hanging up in the air instead of being on the baseline.

(I wonder if you can't use a lambda from a font to make it perfect?)

Oh and it looks too widely spaced horizontally to me -- lots of space between letters. Is that an artifact of screen resolution?

i can fix that

Um I think thats just a google drawings problem

Huh, does your browser not have the font I used installed?
Its defaulting to Times New Roman when on mine its the original font i used?

Here was my attempt 8 months ago


Here's what I'm seeing:

And that is what you should be seeing.

... except for the spacing of the letters!

I did my best too in a long time ago...
Snap! Logo
Snap! Logo