I purposely saved the Snap! Editor as an html file


did you save the snap forum?

no, the editor

I changed it to txt to see what the code inside was.

I used Chrome's Save as function and I just got regular HTML code, not anything like what you showed
edit: wrong reply oops

Well, no matter what, it's not a bug. It just has to do with your browser.

You've saved the webpage, so basically you saved the editor not the project. You've probaly hit ⌘S which saves the webpage (It's a browser feature). You need to go to File > Save As...
Screen Shot 2022-03-10 at 8.23.15 pm
This is just user error.

  • I'm on a chromebook
  • Pressing Ctrl+s just saves the project.

No, it's not. I purposely saved it using image

Oh :sweat_smile: I didn’t read the purposely part, sorry.

it's fine