I now have a Commodore 64 emulator (CCS64)


Any ideas for what to make on it?

Find a Commodore Logo (must be online, everything is online) and then you can write Logo programs. :~)

I pretty much immediately found an implementation of Logo for the C64, named, appropriately enough, Commodore Logo. Now I just need to see if someone's ever dumped it.

Edit: Yay!

My knowledge of Logo is a bit rusty by now, though, plus I can't even open the manual because it's a Word .doc file.

Yeah, there's no help because those 8-bit computers didn't have any memory.

If you're trying to move the turtle, it's SETXY with two numbers. But of course it's more turtleish to use the relative motion commands:



There are abbreviations: FD for FORWARD, RT for RIGHT, LT for LEFT, BK for BACK, PD for PENDOWN, PU for PENUP, PR for PRINT.

PRINT is variadic, but by default it takes one input. For a different number of inputs, you have to put the whole thing in parentheses:


Disclaimer: I've never actually seen a Commodore, and the various microcomputer Logos were all slightly different. Oh in fact you might have to put a space between COURSE and the close parenthesis, because it's a Terrapin Logo, I'm not sure.

P.S. If you point me at the manual, I'll see if I can make a PDF.

PS:This looks like someone trying to evade censoring by inserting a random character in the middle of a word.Thank goodness it didn't get banned like "BYOB"

WPS Office,which is what I'm using now,does open the files.Although it has some sort of VIP mechanism,but I think that it only affects really advanced stuff like OCR

Yeah, well, that was the 20th Century. People were less crazy then.


Well the website did say you might need to adjust the aspect ratio of the turtle screen.

It does need the extra space, as you said.

Here, linked from here.

OK, try this.

It wasn't the space you were missing, but the parentheses. That's why you got the unexpected "result:".

The quotation mark introduces a quoted word, which ends at a space. There's no notion of "text string" in Logo; instead there are words (as above) and sentences (which are entered in square brackets, and are made out of words).

? print first [this is a test]

PRINT takes one input (which can be a word or a sentence) by default, so without parens

print "of "course

behaves the same as

print "of

and in Terrapin versions of Logo an expression without a command implies OUTPUT, which is our REPORT. So that "Result" is like putting the value in a speech balloon next to the script.

But you can make PRINT take any number of inputs by putting the whole instruction in parentheses.

? (print "of "course)
of course

Yeah, these days, when computer display hardware has a high pixel density, they make sure the aspect ratio is 1, which makes life much easier for software. But back in the day when you plugged your computer into your (analog) TV, and you didn't have much memory for graphics, and so the display hardware was designed to get as much resolution as they could, which was different for different machines, and it was a pain in the neck.

I can't (properly) open .docx files either.

I was referring to (PRINT "OF "COURSE) vs (PRINT "OF "COURSE )

All useful stuff to know.


Oh. What can you open?

Oh, sorry.


No worries.

Okay, here you go.